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VHL is a 100% virtual hockey game where you create and manage your team. Improve your stats, compare your performance with friends, and face off against other passionate hockey fans as you fight your way to the top. As GM and coach, you get to put your hockey knowledge to the test — and win!

Create and manage your team

Create your own team, choose your logo and pick the players, along with your trainers and medical staff. Season after season, get results by adjusting your lines and tuning your strategies!

Challenge your friends

Each virtual league is made up of 30 other real people, against whom you can test your skills and emerge as the best. Invite your friends, and develop real rivalries!


Build your team to beat your toughest opponents! With your Millions, invest in equipment, targeted training and special strategies.

Increases by +2% the chance your players will catch fire
Shots +10%
Man up
Increases the number of shots per match by +10%
First aid kit
Enables you to heal 1 player

Rack up trophies

The better your team gets, the more chances you have to stand out by winning trophies for your players and for the team. And keep your eyes on... the big VLH Cup!

A new season every other Monday

In the VLH, the schedule lasts two weeks for the pre-season, regular season and playoffs. Whenever you join the VLH, you can get started training your team, setting up your strategies, playing exhibition games, earning Millions and competing for a playoff spot. Join anytime!

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